"Has stage presence that ricochets off the back wall"

               - Broadway Baby  

Taking your mental health seriously is very definitely a laughing matter,

say the Monkey Barrel co-founder as he brings his 'clever, acerbic' (The Skinny) stand-up home for the Fringe

Ben is millenni-ill.

He's in his 30s, nowt's turned out the way he thought, his mental health is all over the shop, and society now is just folks screaming at each other on Twitter. He feels on edge, knackered...

... and like others have it much worse, and he's just a big bloody snowflake that needs to get over himself.

Join Verth and his 'sharp writing... beautifully timed' (The Scotsman) as he tirades about the shitty spirit of the age, the power of words, trying to be a better person, failing to be a better person, pastries, and the anxiety of whether your anxiety is anxiety enough.


'Always entertaining and endlessly creative' (Metro) stand-up comedy for anyone of any generation who thinks God, I just can't be arsed - but are wracked that they shouldn't.


2 - 25th August (not 13th)


Monkey Barrel 5 (venue 515)

£5 in advance,

or Pay What You Want if available





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